Complete, Systemized Training

The Rugged Softball Northwest Ohio Tincher Training Center
is one-stop training for your athlete!

This location houses softball pitching training, through Tincher Pitching Development Specialist Jenn Newman. This compliments the High Level Throwing®, and Wasserman Strength programming coordinated by Austin Wasserman.


At Rugged Softball, our goal is to improve player performance through personalized assessment, movement based training, strength training, and then skill specific training. The emphasis is on maximizing each athlete’s genetic potential in a safe and effective manner.


Athletes are highly encouraged to participate in the program in three month blocks. Every three months, the student will be re-assessed and evaluated. We believe that development happens through good movement understanding and consistency. It’s very difficult to make changes in movement patterns and mechanics with sporadic sessions and poor at-home training. Therefore, consistency is key to a good training program.


If you are looking for a quick fix, we are likely not the program for you. However, if you are looking for long-term, high-level gains, we’d love to have you train with us!

Softball Pitching Training

Softball Pitching

World-renowned strength coach, Austin Wasserman, provides a customized training program. This is individually based on each athlete’s needs and goals. Then our pitching coach, Jenn Newman, layers in skills and drills specific to fast-pitch pitchers. And this pitcher training fully compliments the strength and movement programs. Learn More

positional athlete training

Positional Athletes

We also have limited program slots for catchers and position players within our program. These athletes will utilize the same foundational strength framework created by our world-class strength coach. Learn More

Remote Strength Training App

Remote Training

Get customized, remote training at your fingertips. Take it with you on the go, or get our services even if you aren’t local to our gyms. Learn More

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