Youngblood Development Training

**This Youngblood Development program is geared towards female athletes who are just beginning their athletic journey or b/c level travel players**

The Goal: train an athletic movement foundation. This is the necessary first step to any required skill acquisition for any sport or specialty skill they choose.

The Design: This 6 week program will provide a fun-fast paced environment for your young athlete all while training the foundational athletic principles and movements that all High Level Athletes display. This program is a movement-based curriculum with specialty softball skills as the secondary focus. The secondary skills focus will be age appropriate and achievable for the 5-8yr age group. 

General movements that will be trained: gross motor movements and coordination, fine motor movement and coordination, force production and force acceptance, speed skills, power and strength skills, spatial awareness and team cooperation.

Specific/Secondary skills that will be trained: overhand throwing, fielding, hitting, softball pitching, and catching.

The instructor: the Youngblood class is developed and created by Jenn Newman and lead by Rugged Softball staff.

Youngblood All Skills Ages 5-8 yrs

Cost $120 for 6 weeks starting Monday’s July12th in

Swanton, Ohio

Click Here to Enroll Monday’s at 6:30pm

Youngblood All Skills Ages 9-12 yrs

Cost $140 for 6 weeks starting Thursday’s July 15th in

Swanton, Ohio

Click Here to Enroll Thursday’s at 6:00 pm

Youngblood All Skills Ages 11-14 yrs

Cost $160 for 6 weeks starting Wednesday July 14th or Thursday July 15th

Swanton, Ohio

Click Here to Enroll Wednesday’s at 6:00pm

Click here to Enroll Thursday’s at 7:30pm

High Level Throwing® Coaches Clinic

**COACHES WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE DRILLS AND EXERCISES at a low intensity pace. If a coach is physically unable to participate he/she can sub a player in his/her spot.**

Coaches come learn and participate in this overhand throwing clinic in order to learn proper throwing mechanics. 

This is a great time to learn and ask questions about High Level Throwing® if you are a new developing coach or have been taught conflicting information in the past. 

If you are already bought in, this is a perfect time for you too! We will discuss how to blend High Level Throwing® techniques into your practice and pre-game routines. 

This coaches session will have classroom, hands on participation, and question time. 

High Level Throwing® Coaches Clinic

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