We have multiple options for New Students…

12 Week New Student Training

This class is a 12 week curriculum based series. Will meet EVERY OTHER WEEK IN PERSON for a total of 6 in person sessions and 12 total weeks of remote programing to be done at home as homework to supplement in person training.  

This session is for New to Rugged Softball athletes 12 yrs and up who consider themselves Elite or A level travel players, and who have aspirations of pitching in College at any level. (We do have options for intermediate travel players, please inquire to info@ruggedsoftball for more info. This listing is ONLY for elite players.)
The session will include blended pitch training and strength training.  We utilize a specific methodology, called Bondarchuk- Transfer of Training,  in order effect skill acquisition more efficiently and effectively. You can read a little about it here: https://www.jtsstrength.com/making-sense-of-bondarchuk-transfer-of-training/

The in person session will be 2.5 hours in length and the at home work will take an hour, on average, to complete on the training days and 20min on the recovery days. This can be adapted to meet the athletes schedule and energy demands. 
Cost: $420 up front or $75 per session if you prefer to be automatically billed weekly.

Youngblood Pitcher Training

Saturdays beginning September 11th

11yrs old- 14yrs old with Jenn Newman


Tuesdays Beginning September 7th

8yrs old – 12 yrs old with Junior Instructor


**The Youngblood PITCHING is for athletes who have tried pitching before but are still a novice.  The curriculum is geared towards athletes who play rec softball, or B/C level travel. The focus will be on mechanics, not moving pitches!” 
 The Goal: train the skill of pitching using an athletic movement foundation. This is the necessary first step to any required skill acquisition for any sport or specialty skill they choose.

The Design: This 6 week program will provide a fun-fast paced environment for your young athlete all while training the foundational athletic principles and movements that all High Level Pitchers display. This program is a movement-based curriculum with specialty softball skills as the secondary focus.

  • General movements that will be trained: gross motor movements and coordination, fine motor movement and coordination, force production and force acceptance, speed skills, power and strength skills, spatial awareness and team cooperation.
  • Specific/Secondary skills that will be trained: PITCHING ONLY

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