If you are looking for a quick fix, we are likely not the program for you. However, if you are looking for long-term high level gains we’d love to have you train with us!

Rugged Softball offers Pitching Specific training programs throughout the year for Softball Athletes. Our coaches train athletes on maximizing their pitching potential, increasing velocity and developing healthy pitching mechanics! Each pitcher receives access to overhand throwing and strength programming for foundational movement patterns and overall strength profile. We believe these are essential components in order to effect lasting change in any skill acquisition.

We use Constraint Training Drills, Pitching Progressions, Medicine Ball Training, Velocity Based Training and the Marc Pro Recovery Device to bring our athletes the most up-to-date research on pitching mechanics and velocity development!

The pitching program is built around the following framework:

  • Assessment/Testing
  • Program Build Out
  • Movement Exercise
  • Neuromuscluar Potentiation/Transfer Training
  • Pitching Progressions
  • Re-Assess and Re-Test

We believe that development happens through good movement understanding and consistency. It’s very difficult to make changes in movement patterns and mechanics with sporadic sessions and poor at home training, so we provide each member athlete at home programming for both strength and pitching.

** If in-person training is not the right option for you, or you are on the wait-list….You can purchase this at home programming without in-person membership. Click Here To Learn More about REMOTE TRAINING OPTIONS!! **