Position Players train with Rugged

Trained Coaches each session using both

Strength and Throwing Components, with an emphasis on strength

If you are looking for a quick fix, we are likely not the program for you. However, if you are looking for long-term high level gains we’d love to have you train with us!

Rugged Softball offers Softball Specific training programs throughout the year for Female Athletes. We utilize the a blend of strength, movement, and throwing in our programs for Softball Athletes. Our coaches train athletes on maximizing their overhand throwing potential, increasing velocity and developing healthy athletic movements! Each athlete receives access to overhand throwing and strength programming for both in person and at home. We believe consistency and frequency of strength training is a necessary component in order to effect lasting change in any skill acquisition.

The program is built around the following framework:

  • Assessment/Testing
  • Program Build Out
  • Movement Exercise
  • Neuromuscluar Potentiation/Transfer Training
  • Throwing Progressions
  • Re-Assess and Re-Test

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